Chidima Azuakolam

Is This Real Or Just A Phase?

I felt a blissful red when the words
"I love you" rolled off her tongue in
a wave like motion into my ears

As I processed the words in my brain
like a robot set to say something
I replied back wih the words "I love you too."

It was a weird feeling, it was a never-ending
feeling of happiness but as I sat there I thought
it through and began to ask quuestions

Is this real? Could this be possible that I am in love?
How could I distinguish that I was in love?
Did I mean what I was saying?
I pondered there wondering was it for real?

I was caught in a whirlwind of thoughts,
I was sure it was real, the feelings I felt were indescribable,
I had never felt such a warm feeling,
From another human being It felt like the hot warmth of the sun.

I was certain it was real,
I was going to do everything I could to make
the warm feeling last


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