Lara A. / Fall
Michael A. / Seasonal Haikus
Zachary Abdu-Glass / The Unnoticed
Benjamin Abrahamovich / What About Me?
Zach Abramo / Attack
Benjamin Abramson / Procrastinator Man
Dhyan Adler / Trapped In The Darkness Of The Night
Zaihra Ahmed / YES…I’ll Come Bomb YOU Next!
Charlotte Almeida / It Couldn't Happen To Me
Ben Amsel / Sent To Bed
Noah Arbesfeld / A Matter Of Perspective
Luke Archer / Desperate For More
Andrea Athens / Resurrection
Hadas Austin / Keep Off The Grass
Chidima Azuakolam / Is This Real Or Just A Phase?
Anna B. / Untitled
Holly B. / Good Morning
Hyun Ji B. / Intentions
Leah B. / Lie
Kate Bailey / Man On A Bench
Leo Balsom / Global Warming
Roy Baron / Befallen
Michael Basmajian / Where I'm From
Fatima Bennouna / Le Collier
Omar Bennouna / Change
Maggie Berkowitz / The Lesson
Nathaniel Bernitz / Raise The Daze
Eric Blake / High School
Lauren Boggan / Thrill
Stephanie C Bond / The Commotion
Stephanie M Bond / Untitled
John Boreiko / Running Water
Julia Bowling / Through My Closed Eyes
Jeffrey Boxer / The Basement
Douglas Brainard / Baseball
Simon Breakstone / Rainy Days
Priscilla Briggs / Missed Messages
Alexandra Brown / Lollo's Lake
Rilie Brown / Life As A Swimmer
Sean-Paul Byrne / The Shift
Avery C. / Love And Despair
C C. / Green And Gray
Jacob C. / Bliss
Lucile C. / The Strongest Force Of All
Lydia C. / Running
Ross C. / The End Of The Fifth
Derek Campbell / Blissful Ignorance
Ripley Carlson / Summertime
Ryan Casey / The Greatest Pain
Aviv Celine / Lush Green Grass And Soft, Warm Sand
Erika Chan / A Jar
Nicole Chaput / Gratification
Lorna Chaulet / Fraud
Ruiyong Chen / Ribbon
John Cho / Usuality
Eric Chu / Living Off Heartless Emotions
Stephanie Chun / Terraformer
Karina Chung / Northridge - January 17, 1994
John Clarke / The Clock
Leia Coble / How Far Is Far
Joseph Costello / Joey, Let Go Of The Rope!
Andrew Crittenden / The Game
Terrence Cullen II / Where Is My Umbrella?
Micaela Cyr / Walking Through The Woods
Angela D. / The Traffic Jam
Eric D. / The Changing Swing
Karen D. / Silent Playground
Stephanie D. / The Soldiers
Caroline Davidson / My Earliest Memory
Paul Davis / Your Tree
Edward Day / Untitled
Joe DeCarlo / Butterflies
Eric Devenney / The Wanderer
Lydia Ding / Light
Peter Dion / High School
Alex Duval / The General
Jessica Evans / Walk On
Maura Evans / Regrets
Clark Everson / The Death Of Death Arrow
Alex F. / “One Man’s Trash…”
Alyssa F. / The One Who Got Away
Caroline F. / Untitled
Daniel F. / Snowboarding
Gabrielle F. / A Traveler's Amusing Nightmare
Melissa F. / A Moment In Time
Michelle F. / I Am Me
Xiubo F. / To Mitosis, Without Which I Would Not Be Possible As A Multicelluar Eukaryotic Organism
Lila Fakharzadeh / Blinding Lights
Steven Feifke / Gabba
Brenna Feldkamp / Where I Come From
Nathaniel Finch / My Cooking Adventures
Jessica Fiola / The Mistress Of Time
Hayley Fishman / The String
Jacob Friedman / The Varsity Jersey
Allison Frishberg / The Abandoned Playground
Jeremy Fry / December
Isaac Fuhrman / Man Of Confidence
Abha G. / Like Mother, Like Daughter
Edward G. / Breathing Earth
Emily G. / Just Another Bridge
Hannah G. / My Best Friend
K. G. / The Blind Hatchet
Lance G. / Living In The Past
Matthew G. / Answer
Neha G. / In India...At Home
Nicole G. / Center Circle
Rachel G. / A Million Things All My Own
Sabrina G. / Run
Steven G. / The Deer
Tyler G. / Few
James Ganiatsos / Fourth Of July
Diego Garcia / Taking The Field
Marie Gentile / Since It's Raining
Michael George / Up In Grandma’s Attic
Jeffrey Gilbert / Thorns, Buds And Roses
Joseph Giliberto / Under My Bed
Alexis Goolkasian / A Morning Practice
Amanda Grant / Early Morning Flight
Ryly Grant / Perspective
Laura Green / Time Passing
Marc Grimson / Death Of A Nation
Ted Grunberg / To Be A Dog
Alexander H. / Academic Depression
Calvin H. / Better Things Inspired By Bianca's Poem
Chantal H. / It All Depends On So Little
Christopher H. / A Never Ending Night?
Dima H. / New School
Elaina H. / Tongue-tied Zeal
Hiba H. / The Pyramid And I
Jonathan H. / Fear Of Darkness
Katie H. / Hit The Ground Running
Lauren H. / The First Snow
Michael H. / Humanity I Like You (In Memory Of E.E. Cummings)
Sarah H. / The Drooping Rose
Sarah H. / 7:03
Shannon H. / Stardust
Ted H. / Untitled
Cheyenne Halsell / What Is Beneath?
Joe Hankins / Reflection Piece
Larry Hannon / Heritage
Helena Hay / Interrupted Family
Ayla Heinze-Fry / Dreams
Catherine Heitz / Odes To The Nose + Others
Kate Henoch / West Twenty Second Street
Christopher Herndon / The Glare
Gil Hevroni / A Walk In The Rain
Helen Hild / The Party
Michelle Ho / Discontent And Disconnect
Daron Holloway / The Underdog
Devon Holloway / More Than Just A Game
William Huang / A Dream
Young Jin Hur / Ex Pax Pacis
Michael Hurowitz / Where Is All the Snow?
Natalie Ip / Life Of A Root
Lila J. / Labeled
Sriram J. / Untitled
Joshua Jackson / Bushwalk
Xavier Jaillet / The Way We Ride
Shefali Jain / “Kya Baate Hai”
Lilli Janney / Ice Queen
Bridgette Jenness / I Am From
June Jhe / That Which Declares Myself To Be
Sarah Jick / Hope Lauder
Daniel K. / Dragons And Dining
Elizabeth K. / The Tower
Eric K. / Christmas Night
Hannah K. / Heroes
Heather K. / Crew
Lindsay K. / We Play Until The End
Pearce K. / Nothing Can Stay
Sang-Ho K. / New Year's
Somiya K. / Candle Light
Yui K. / Glowing Marble Floating in the Sky
Eric Kao / Hidden Seriousness
Lily Kaplan / Shared Solitude
Nathan Katz / Day's Journey: A Series of Haikus
Amanda Keefe / Wish You Were Colorblind
Molly Keeping / Clocks
Brian Kim / Metal Core
Benjamin Kinet / Endless Shots
Linda Kinstler / Cliché
Laura Kishimoto / Thirteen Point Seven Thousand Years
John, Jr. Klinga / Conclusion
Sumi Krishnan / What Is Love?
Apoorv Kumar / The Coffee Shop
Juneau Kwon / Christmas Shopping
Ciera L. / I Wish
Devon L. / Date Difficulty
Sean L. / Take A Second Look
Sophia L. / The Peach Handbag
Hannah Lapuck / Voices
Bo-reum Lee / Train Tracks
Gi Eun Lee / Raining Day
Kyumin Lee / A Colorful Life
Joshua Leung / Exercises From A Frustrated Young Poet
Steven Leung / Run, Ran, Run
Jonathan Li / My First Swimming Lesson
Alina Liu / Blossom In The Snow
Talia Livneh / Pigtails
Jack Logan / Untitled
Michael Longo / What Lies Beneath
Sabina Lucke / Love Always
Amanda M. / Baby
Bianca M. / Purple Sea
CL M. / How Do You Do It?
Casey M. / ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Coleman M. / Cold Manhattan
Evan M. / Change
Hannah M. / Untitled
Maria M. / A Summer Afternoon
Michael M. / Communism
Mina M. / The Brain
Nathan M. / Gravity Rediscovered
Ralph M. / The Pursuit Of Happiness
Raviv M. / A Model for Mankind
Samuel M. / The Wait
Victoria M. / Bang Of The Clock
Will Marino-Nosack / Rainy Night
Eric Marshall / School, Why?
James McCarthy / Life As I Know It
Robert McDonnell / Thanksgiving Dinner
David McDonough / My Place
Stephen McKenna II / Sad But True
Robin Megill / Freeridng
Arvind Menon / How Long Is Forever?
Phoebe Meskill / Are We Going Up Or Down
Emily Miller / The Hardest Decision
Zachary Miller / Hiding In The Bat Cave
Julia Millon / Decision
Bhavik Mistri / Emotional State
Carolyn Mitchell / The Tear Drop
Emma Murray / Independence Avenue
Aviva Musicus / The King
Ashley N. / Desperado
Ajinkya Nene / Blood Diamonds
Anna Neumann / Horse Eyes
Sophia Nezuh / Frustration
Stephanie Norris / The Lesson
Alexandra O. / Freckles
Joshua O. / Little Red Lying Hood
Amy O'Brien / Summer Love
Kalya O'D / Release
Daniel O'Keefe / Our House
Andrew Olsen / Too Early, Too Late
Andrew P. / Death
Claire P. / In The Still Winter
Derek P. / Work
Gregory P. / My Guardian
Junhua P. / Fear of Falling
Sasha P. / The Simone Rink
Victor P. / Traveling Through Life
Mary Parhiala / All We Are
Gloria Park / Turning Point
Mariliza Parker / An Unintentional Philosophy
Alexander Parrish / The Emotional Connotations and Influences of Music on Humans
Marc Patrick / An Eating Disorder
Noah Paulson / Factory
Holly Peterson / Clouded Dream
Rebecca Pittore / Shining Laughter
Cora Potter / God Bless
Jacob Pratt / Happiness
James Pryor / Winter Storm
Amanda R. / Who's Got It Worse?
Daniel R. / The Final Experiment
Elizabeth R. / Tramping In Circles
Harris R. / The Buffet Memoirs
Matthew R. / Basket Races
Sydney R. / Semper Fi
William Ransohoff / The Savior
Phillip Rauscher / Prison Break
Ross Riley / One Crazy Cat
Tyler Rioff / Week's End
Armando Rodriguez / The Hunter
Matthew Rose / Football Motivation
David Ross / I Am From A World...
Robert Rossi / For Ice Cream
Taylor Rowe / Confessions Of Obsession
Alden Ruml / Morning Soldier
Lorraine Ruocco / The Beach & I
James Russell / Baseball
Alana S. / The Beach
Amanda S. / Love And Hate
Amy S. / NEMC Concert
Anna S. / Arthur
Anna S. / Life Guide
Brian S. / Tired
Carolyn S. / August
Daniel S. / Accident Magnet
Davina S. / The Box
Derek S. / The Good Old Days
Diane S. / The Mysteries Of Life
Emily S. / The Lottery Of Life
Hao S. / Down By The Creek
Ian S. / DRM
Jaymie S. / A New Year’s To Remember- Or Not?
Jennifer S. / Last Thoughts
John S. / Come Again?
Katherine S. / The "A"
Michelle S. / Skiing
Mikko S. / Snow
Sean S. / My Summer
John Savage / Where Did You Go?
Katherine Saveriano / The Single Light
Paramvyom Saxena / Distinctive Individuality
Dustin Schaefer / The Underwater City
Stefan Schembor / Welcome To New Orleans
Luka Serdar / Ski Day
Salvatore Serio / Will I Ever Know?
Ned Sheedy / Ode To Wakeboarding
Soun Sheen / From Fishers To Lexington
Eric Simmons / One Shot
Mariah Slone / Good Morning
Micheline Soley / Magnolia Hearth
Etasha Srinivas / Beloved
Nikita Srinivasan / Saturday Afternoon Live Starring Jerry Demeanor
Sarah Sterman / A Point In Time
Joshua Stone / The Concert
Eliza Strauss / Remembering The Lake
Jane Studeny / One Single Car
Benjamin Swanson / Just Friends
Max Swanson / Spring Resolutions Delay Solutions
Jessica Swoyer / Hello Real World
Christopher T. / Swimming Banter
Maya T. / The Light
Eric Tai / Falling Up
Brandon Taranto / The Rain
Nikita Tkachov / Where The Winds Blow Wrong
Rachel Townzen / Vanishing Act
Masato Tsurumaki / The Great Game
Jae'da Turner / A Boat In A Sea Of Sameness
Patrick Tynan / A Cative's Letter
Dina Tyson / Beneath The Ice
Rachel V. / The Plowmen For His Son
William Varteresian / Epitaph For The Forgotten Knight
Alexander Vesprini / Reliability
Adam Virgile / Ballin
Dalya W. / Niagara Falls
Jen W. / Staying Up
Renee W. / Gift Of Winter
Amy Wang / Never Lost
Peter Wang / Through Seasons And Time
Rumay Wang / Playing With Fire
Colleen Ward / If It Got Any Easier, It'd Be Called Football
Christopher Waters / Leave Of Absence
Leah Weiner / A Pleasure
Matt Whelan / Malign Horizon
Sarah Whitney / Have You Noticed
Abigail Williams / Silver-Lined Struggle
Melanie Willins / Remember When…
Ashley Wilson / Singing Memories
Joseph Winn / Perfection
Timothy Wiryaman / The Seagull And The Clam
Alec Y. / The Warrior
Danica Yang / The Apple Tree
Soo Mee Yoon / Life Is A River
Noah Yoskowitz / Secrets Lost In Fame
Irene Z. / Dry Fishing
Martha Z. / Speaking Deanna's Mind
Joelle Zahka / Through It All
Alexis Zallas / Man Hunt
Julia Zheng / Incognito


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