C C.

Green And Gray

Out in space
The soft green planet
Happily by

The inhabitants
Play a game they have
Content the whole

They have always played
Will always play
Then that fateful day
When another planet neared

Smaller gray planet
Solid rock
Hurtled through the stars
To come close to the large expanse of green

The little creatures of the gray
Soon stopped the gaily frolicking green
Took over and cracked down
They had their own rules to the game

Before the green game
Had been special
Unique to each little one
Everyone had their own twist

Thatís what made it fun
And now there is only
The gray game left
The same for everyone

And the green planet
Can only hope
That soon the day will come
That the gray planet again will move

Towards the setting sun
To leave the green again in peace
Hope for what once was
And maybe one day all can play just as they did before


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