Sophia L.

The Peach Handbag

A sweet summer breeze lifted the chestnut hair off of her shoulders. She stood waiting by the water’s edge, captured by thoughts of love. Beyond her, a skull of rowers glided over the silken waters, and a steamboat sounded, but she hardly noticed. She carried a large peach handbag, upon agreement, so her date could find her. He would be arriving soon, to meet her for a walk along the lakeside. Anticipation fluttered in her stomach, and she tightened the sweaty hold she had on the bag. The leather had grown soft from her warm touch. She looked down at her feet and watched as a nearby flower lent its nectar to a quivering butterfly. Approaching from behind her, a voice spoke her name. Looking away from the fragile creature, she turned to finally see the man she had been told so much about. Introducing themselves, their hands joined in a gentle embrace, and his lips wrinkled into a friendly grin. They began to walk alongside the swollen waves in silence. She stared at the lake, and flecks of sunlight sprinkling the water reflected in her eyes. Bothered by the quiet, she silently pleaded for him to speak. As if he were reading her thoughts, he offered, “Could this day be any more beautiful?”

 “I can’t imagine” she replied, loosening her grip on the soft peach leather of her handbag.


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