Simon Breakstone

Rainy Days

Wake up to a dark gloomy day,
Itís raining so I canít go out and play.
The couch and TV have been pretty lonely,
I got a new plasma so I can watch a high def pony.
I am stuck inside like a dog in a cage,
I am so bored I might as well do some homework, but only a page.
My friends donít pick up their phone,
So it looks like I will be stuck at home.
I start to get really tired and feel like going to bed,
But I just stare at the TV as if I were dead.
It is time to get some food,
But that requires me to get up, and I am in no mood.
I sit there feeling so lonely,
But there is no food in my stomach so I am looking kind of bony.
Why must it rain, why canít it snow?
Then everyone can enjoy a winter wonderland show.
I hate rainy days like no other,
Here comes more rain the weatherman says,
Great, another rainy day. Oh, brother.


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