Eric Marshall

School, Why?

Why does schoolwork make us think that we spend countless days without a clear benefit? There are occasions when you think that school is the reason you are still alive, thinking and learning. But there are other times when you can’t understand why it has to be the way it is. With papers and homework and essays and tests that school might overload you with, it all indirectly shows how much you have put into learning and proving to yourself and to your teacher that you have deserved that grade. Sometimes, without warning, school can catch up to you. Much of doing well in this system of academics is due to attention and willingness to spend time with schoolwork.

Seeing those markings on that smooth piece of paper we call a report card may draw your attention to the real problem, lack of effort. Without effort, what is to come of everything that you care about? Don’t you need to want to score a goal, or want to shoot a basket to actually end up getting one? The difference between wanting and having is not all that apparent when you want to, and you know how to accomplish the feat. Without wanting and knowing you don’t know where you will end up. Maybe you will wander aimlessly around nothingness as you forget what your goals in life are. There are aspects of academic life that bring out the real beauty of being an intelligent individual. It shows us how we can strive to conquer every possible challenge if we have the guts to show ourselves that it is the right thing to do. School can show us that nothing is impossible, but it doesn’t show us this in a very clear way.

Trying to see what the greater meaning behind homework, and essays, and all sorts of schoolwork is hard, but not impossible. Bit by bit, we are gaining more than we notice. Time is the real culprit behind our blindness to this truth of school. The reason we don’t see the potential of school is because we only see the short term effects. Lets say you do a single push up. Did that make your upper body stronger? Yes but you will have to do more than that to gain even the slightest of muscle. It’s not just the effort that you put in to doing that one push up, it’s the amount of time you spend trying to strengthen yourself.

School should never be underestimated, demonized, or criticized. Anyone who says that school is not important should not be allowed to enjoy the pleasures of technology produced by others, because for every piece of technology there is in the world many men and women gave countless hours to invent that item for your benefit. They should only be allowed to live hopeless and dreamless lives while watching time go by with nothing to do but maybe stare into space thinking why he isn’t living a productive life like everyone else. Knowledge is the blood that runs in everyone’s bodies and school is the heart that pumps the blood of knowledge to everyone. It is always good to think outside the box, even if you don’t see the meaning behind it.


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