Carolyn Mitchell

The Tear Drop

I remember watching that tear drop
As our team began to flop.
We couldn’t do a thing,
We just let the music ring.

I can’t remember the skate
But I guess it was our fate.
We were chosen to stand on the side
As our coach had sighed.

It had begun,
The end of our fun.
Fall after fall,
I couldn’t keep my head up at all.

I can remember how that tear dropped,
And the exact way it popped.
Our hands loosened
As reality settled in.

It slowly fell
In slow motion
Crashing to the ground
As our teammates had.

Our dreams left
Like our team exiting our battlefield of ice.
Oh, how I wish I could have skated
Maybe saved a fall or two.

Instead I was on the side,
Standing helplessly,
Watching a tear drop,
As our team was overtaken.

By the quicksand
Of things going wrong,
Each struggle dug us deeper
As our dream had slipped further away.

That tear stood for everything.
The passion, hope and happiness
That we had lost during that one
Moment of failure.


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.