Andrea Athens


I wish that I could see her face,
But more than just a picture, showing her grace,
It’s weird to know that I feel this pain
When I wasn’t even alive to call her name,
I’ve heard her stories throughout my life
I eat them up with a fork and knife,

She means so much to my family
Whenever we’re together, it’s easy to see,
We all think about her, and everyone knows
In silence, in thought, her spirit arose,

Ever since day one, she felt a part of me
And then I think I might not have been here
And sometimes that scares me,
While later was the crash
All was loved turned to ash,
Earlier my mom had an operation
But quickly had a vital alteration,

After she was gone
There was no faith or prosperity,
A hole can’t entirely be filled
But almost to the top is my destiny,
I remind them of her, people say to me
All my goals, my feelings
Seem to be the same,
Everything I live by
Is under her name,
Filling her shoes, one day at a time
They don’t even feel big,
Like they’re simply mine,

Seems like a miracle, I was surrounded by bliss
Just like Carolyn, a reflection of her
I can’t believe I turned out like this,

Tall with dark hair
So beautiful and fair,
Clearly a prodigy
A Miss Congeniality,
Her laughter was contagious
She was exciting and outrageous,
Friends with everyone
Didn’t matter where, she always had fun,
Truly optimistic, funny and bright
No one quite like her,
No one in sight,

I always wonder, if she still were alive
Where she would be,
Who she would be,
Would she have a child, or a family?
Would she teach me all she knows?
Not just of sports or school
But of friendship and how it grows,
I can picture my life with her in it
So easy, so natural, Carolyn within it,
But maybe this was meant to be,
I wonder if I’d be different
If she were here with me,

They say God takes only the best
And put them in heaven with all the rest,
But why take her so early in life
When she had friends and a family
Maybe now she’d be a wife,
Sometimes I think God is selfish
For doing it this way,
But I know she’s always looking down on me
And I’ll see her for a first someday…


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.