Maria M.

A Summer Afternoon

The golden sun rises and
Colorful beach towels lie across the sand,
Under a shady umbrella is a sandcastle so grand.
The raspberry Popsicle is slowly melting into her hand.
Scattered across the endless mountains are empty, grey caves,
Shimmering in the sun are turquoise colored waves,
A day at the beach is what everyone craves.
Sunglasses glimmering under the sun,
The beach is a bucket filled with fun.
The day has just begun, but soon it will be done.
Today, the infinite sky is painted a soft shade of blue
A pair of beautiful, yellow birds flies together in a cluster of two.
From my window is where I could see this fantastic view.
The dark blue sky is filled with a luminous moon
All of this will occur again very soon
On a summer afternoon.


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