Michael Giangregorio Jr

The Meadow

I would go to the meadow every day
To play with my dog all day.
The grass was green, and the smell of
The grass was worth coming back for.
I would bring a ball to throw to my dog
And he would fetch it and return it.
Then I would lie on the grass, which was so
Soft it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud.
I would fall asleep for hours just lying on
The grass looking at the clouds.
The trees would swing back and forth from
The wind blowing as hard as it could.
The trees were tall and covered with green leaves.
I would look at my watch and see that it was time to go.
I get my dog in the car.
As we would leave the meadow, we know we would be back again.
Just me and my friend at the meadow.


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