Leah B.


It started as a harmless lie,
So we thought it would be safe
To just say one such as that,
And never lie again.
But lies soon go beyond just lies,
As we have learned so long ago,
And turn to perilous, awful things.
Just as we should have known.

With souls like glass, apt to shatter
Beneath the weight of our flowing tears,
We wish for better days.
But as we’re crying deep inside,
We cannot hide it, can’t deny,
The fact that we have lied.

And none shall be the same again,
Since lies have grown to deadly strength.
The truth does kill, and so do lies,
When one can’t live without the lie,
‘Cause truth will tear us limb from limb,
But worst of all, her from him.
And all her plans, and all her efforts
Will have been a waste.
And lies shall kill in different ways,
As one can’t live when rescue was a lie.
There will be no one to save him
From the truth that she won’t come.
And that is what she’s done.

What are these shadows that we possess
But broken lines to hold our tears
When stained glass souls and crystal hearts
Have given way to tears of ice.
And when our shadows disappear,
Must our emotions break free?

We know the hopelessness has come from lies,
But we are too afraid to ask.
Lest we find the forbidden truth.
And when the truth shall be known,
This game will come to its end.
But something such as this isn’t just a game.
It’s real, and as with truth,
The stakes are real, and one must win,
Or be demolished by the lies.

Soon, it will be too late,
So she must choose their fate.
Will she try to save him, knowing
That the truth will break them apart?
Or will she lie ‘til they
Are brought to dust by her lies?

She must decide, while she still hides
The fact that she has lied.


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.