Michael H.

Humanity I Like You (In Memory Of E.E. Cummings)

Humanity I like you for throwing money over every fault you make
I like you for bringing closure by sending monetary aid
Humanity I like you, I do
but some things just can’t be fixed
through sending paper hamiltons and benjamins too

Humanity I like you but you’re blissfully unaware of your health
every day thousands starve while you stack pounds upon yourself
you don’t need a man to eat mcdonalds enough to risk his well being
to notify other people that it’s not even worth eating

education is corrupted by mainstream radio media and tv
kids are neglecting schoolwork to watch their plasma big screens
worse are the kids who idolize some stars
who base and pride themselves upon the finesse of their cars
long gone are the days where everybody took part
in strengthening their society community by working hard

Humanity I cannot say I like you much anymore
in fact I very much dislike you while you continue with what I abhor
you have declined a long way from when I used to love you
Humanity I dislike you


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