Matthew Rose

Football Motivation

I’m out there putting it all on the line
I’m on the defense and expected to be solid
I don’t think, just react
When the ball carrier comes towards me I just hit him
Nothing else matters I want to hit him hard
Sprinting towards him I get that last adrenalin rush
I smash into him hard and bring him down to the ground
Everybody cheers, it feels real good

Sometimes I look and see him slowly getting up and can’t wait to do it again
I hear the call and line up and watch the quarterback like a vicious dog waiting to attack
I look up and stare him in the eye he calls out “watch #36”
Biting my mouth guard hard I can’t wait till the ball is hiked
Slowly creeping towards the line waiting to blitz
Out the corner of my eye, I see the ball move
Staying low I quickly sprint towards the line
I fake out the guard and suddenly
I see the quarterback anxiously waiting to throw the ball

Sprinting towards him, again we meet eye to eye
I see the anxious look on his face as he realizes he is screwed
He steadies his stance waiting for the dreadful blow
I slam into him hard meeting our heads first
Flying in the air he lets out a girlish scream
I do everything I can to make sure we hit the ground hard
I can feel the slamming of the ground and get up quickly
My team begins to roar with praise
I hear the coaches yelling “hell of a job, now keep them where they are”
Soon I’m back in the huddle, ready to do it again


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.