Ashley N.


                                                               Still as stone he waits.
                                                          He stands strong and cold,
                                           His fiery ebony eyes scan the horizon,
                                 Searching for the unsuspecting target beneath.
                           Like a gargoyle carved into the cliff’s steep wall, His
                         Emotionless eyes take in the arid sunset.The silhouettes
                           of tall cacti          Etch the horizon,  and   golden   rays
                            emboss                   each  flower and  pebble.  Not even
                              such                      great beauty can touch  this proud
                                                             being of elite perfection. He feels
                                                           not the stinging bite of winter, nor
                                                    the gentle kiss of spring. He is alone in
                                                 the world  and the world is there for his taking.
                                            He knows every rock in the valley as a father knows
                                           Every hair on his baby’s head. He has seen life come
                                          And seen it go. Isolated. Unmoved. Unshaken. The
                                          Eagle stands as close to the starry heights of heaven
                                           As he does to the fiery  inferno  beneath. This is his
                                           Domain. His orders and missions are set out for him
                                            By Mother Nature.  She   has   bestowed    him with
                                              Weapons of unimaginable power and a fortune  of
                                                Priceless value. But one gift  has  not  been  given.
                                                  The creature cannot see color. His world is black
                                                   And white.  He cannot see the beauty of the rosy
                                                    Red cactus flowers, he only sees an ugly bristly
                                                      Plant. He cannot see the beautiful rainbow and
                                                       So he grudgingly endures thousands of storms
                                                       Without ever being able to see what makes it
                                                          All  worth  the while. And so we too stand.
                                                           Alone in our own world, proud and blind.
                                                             We stand overlooking our  riches and gold.
                                                                  Isolated. Unmoved. Unshaken. We too
                                                                         Go about our lives seeing the worst,
                                                                          And failing to see the color that laces
                                               Each and every storm                             each cactus in our
                                                       Busy life.                                           Is the world black
                                                 and                                                           White or in color?
                                                                                                                       It is all in how
                                                                                                                 One sees the       


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.