Lara A.


Keys tapped a steady rhythm.
A comforting scent from dinner lingered in the kitchen.
The dog begged to be let out just once more.
It was a night like all others.

Without warning, a dull thud interrupts an ordinary Monday night
I stifle my laughter as I seek the cause of the commotion
Water slowly seeps into the carpet next to broken shards of a glass
My older sister lies in pain at the foot of the stairs

Immediately laugher is extinguished by fear
Her arms unnaturally bent at her sides, she slowly moans
Trying to explain what happened, her eyes slowly close
A rush to the phone

Tense whispering voices
I stare at the girl, conscious just moments before
Everything beats- slower
Except for my heart pumping unnaturally fast

Red flashing lights pierce through the windows.
Six strange men in uniform enter the house
Arms nervously embrace each other
Her eyes slowly open to a collective sigh of relief

Sirens now turned off, there is no longer an emergency.
A night like no other that almost changed our lives.


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.