Steven Leung

Run, Ran, Run

It was the tenth of October,
With eyes full of tears,
Each and every runner mourned
Our first loss in seven years.

A lone tear ran
Down my mind.
As I climbed on the bus,
With feelings confined.

By a margin of one point
- They had won.
Nothing could be changed,
The deed was done.

We fell hard,
The pain was real
But we were determined,
- To return anew.

We trained long,
Sweat dripping down faces,
Clothes soaked to the brim,
And double knotted laces.

League meet came,
We were ready.
With passion in our eyes,
We stood steady.

This was the battle
- Judgment Day
Time for our enemies
To flee and pray.

At the start of the race,
I was lagging behind.
The words “don’t give up”
Repeating in mind.

Quickening my pace,
I stuck with the pack.
Slowly closing in
For my final attack.

The hill up ahead.
I felt the sun’s heat,
As I raced up the slope,
Throwing pebbles at my feet.

Down the path I ran,
As the finish line reeled in.
Woburn came over
Spit drooling down his chin.

He was a tiger,
All orange and white.
Biting and clawing
With all his might.

Sprinting to the end,
Both head to head.
I gave all I had
All the sweat I could shed.

He started to choke
And breathing hard.
But I kept going,
Never losing my guard.

I passed the finish
Gasping for breath.
My exhaustion was
Like creeping death.

It was the last day of October,
We came back on top.
We won with flying colors,
But this wasn’t where we stopped.

The tradition will continue
- There’s no end or beginning.
We’ll work as hard as we can,
And we’ll keep on winning.


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.