Michael Basmajian

Where I'm From

I’m from Alan and Linda (May she rest in peace).
I’m from Burlington and Lexington.
I’m from Marrett, but now Lexington Ridge.
I’m from Red Sox vs. Yankees,
From father vs. son.
I’m from playing my guitar until my fingers become numb.
I’m from Baseball, Basketball, and Football.
From watching and playing all three.
I’m from my essential computer and big screen TV,
And my cell phone and iPod as well.
I’m from all styles of music, but Rock and Metal the most.
I’m from System of a Down and their inspiring front man Serj Tankian.

I’m from Armenian ancestry and stories of genocide.
I’m from Grandma’s deliciously mouthwatering Apple Pie.
I’m from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chuck and their four beastly bulldogs,
I’m from big sis Sara and brother-in-law Matt and their young, but glorious marriage.

I’m from hacky sacs and yoyos,
From baseball cards and Beanie Babies.
I’m from movies and music,
To kitties and fishies.
I’m from the back of the closet, under the stairs,
And the corner behind the bar.
I’m from the soft “Meow” of the kitty as I come home through the front door.
I’m from the skyscraper of a tree house in the back,
To the towering basketball hoop in the front.
I’m from ski trips with friends to Wachusett Mountain.

I’m from walking or jogging to the mall.
I’m from whiffle ball in the back,
To basketball in the front.
I’m from relaxing on the hammock and the deck.
I’m from mowing the lawn because I have to,
To playing video games because I want to.

I’m from “how was school?”
“Same sh*t, different day” and
“What do you want for dinner?”
“I dunno”

I’m from the tiny Waldorf School.
I’m from my small group of friends there, and our Kodak moments,
I’m from having the same teacher for eight years.
I’m from performing in plays and singing on stage.
I’m from the field in the back, and Gnome Valley beyond.
I’m from “Bassy, can I have some money?”
I’m from the massive LHS.
I’m from adjusting to the difference of public school.
I’m from making new friends, but still staying in touch with the old.
I’m from serious classes and sports,
To fooling around in the center.

I’m from some tragedies in the past, but a bright look at the future.
I’m from friends and family, who are always there,
And the memories we will share forever.


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.