Nathaniel Bernitz

Raise The Daze

Capitalism is for fools
The game is for tools
But this isnít about rhyming
Itís about the truth

We donít want to be constricted in its mire of hate
All the liberal media we encounter are just capitalist bait
Their lies and propaganda force us to suffocate

When we accept social norms we secure our fate of demise
Donít let the corporations with their Viagra tell you that worth is size
We must not rely on the state to be mere beings and sodomize

Our children are the victims of these vicious loops
They come into our world and are exposed to hierarchy; itís an alleyoop
They go through their early years, being raised on material goods
I wonder how our children grew up before they had a robot dog that went woof?

The system is a sponge, where we are all absorbed
We are entrenched in artificial victories; go to stop it at the source
Our children canít continue to be influenced, for the road ahead is coarse
If we buy into the markets we will be forever in remorse

Itís not even enough for us to just create discourse
Weíve got to bring a revolution that parallels the fire of the Norse
I remember grade school; we were all trying to be cool
My folks were always on my back, causeí my grades made me look like a fool
Our government doesnít care how I do on my biology test
They want to keep us in an institution, prevent us from creating economic unrest.

We learn white man knowledge like the teachings of Adam Smith
All the praise of the system is just urban myth
No longer can we sit back and take the thrusts of oppression, for there is no climax, its merely a simulation

Those CEOs buy the car with the biggest number on it, with the name that everyone chants
Their excuses for their insolence are just meaningless rants
They need this car because they need a five star crash test rating instead of four, as if their life has meaning
Their very existence is in itself demeaning

Our employees and CEOs displaced our fellow humans
At whatever costs to their own social unions
You look back with no pride
Your actions would be so lucky to be a rip in the tide

They disrespect our elders with the philosophy of retirement
Their policies arenít generosity; they are defilement
They throw money at our parents; expect them to go away
If I ever forget their generosity is atrocity, thatíll be the day
Money is flowing, but we arenít all knowing.
The governmentís obligation is to the sovereignty of the nation
The state puts moral constrictions on our social relations
They pronounce curses on our daily articulations

We go through life making money
Pretending our lives are so sunny
All to continue a life long struggle
We canít just say abracadabra, weíre just muggles

Just so we can give birth to our children
The slaves of corporate America and Paris Hilton
The continuity of the totality of the brutality
Must not be considered veniality, their gestures ainít geniality

Raze the daze
End the phase
For when we destroy capitalism
The result will amaze


Copyright © 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.