Ross Riley

One Crazy Cat

I remember when I was about six years old my friend Eddy and I were playing cops and robbers at his house. Eddy warned me that his cat panicked easily. Eddy must have forgotten his own warning because he sprinted upstairs and jumped on the bed where the cat was lying down. Unfortunately, the cat got scared and jumped off the bed. Once again the bad luck kept coming when the trajectory of the jump propelled the cat out the window. Eddy and I watched in horror as the cat plunged out the second story window onto a trampoline that bounced him over the fence and slammed Frisky into his neighbor’s house. At that moment he landed with a thump in their backyard, and then a litter of young bulldogs spotted him. The cat screeched, and in the same moment jumped the seven-foot fence back into our yard. We sat upstairs trying to make an excuse for why the cat fell out of the house, but as we got up to go tell Eddy’s mom, the cat came back in through the doggy door, ran up the stairs and curled up in the spot where he was in before. We shut the window and kept playing.


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