Sumi Krishnan

What Is Love?

Love can be many things. It can be an appreciation of something, and it can be feelings toward another person. Love is something special. It is something that one experiences endlessly from family; from someone you buy roses for, and go to movies with, you experience this love once, maybe twice, if at all. An example of one kind of love is, when standing with someone you love under a moonlit night, holding hands and talking sweet things to each other.

If you find the perfect one, and you like that person or have fallen in love with that person, how would you know if he loves you back unless you go and ask him. If he says “yes,” you will be over the moon with joy. If he says “no,” you will run away upset and heartbroken.
What is the answer to the question: What is love? Love is something that is given by many people and easily received. If you care about someone and always are willing to help them, you would do anything for them. If you have fallen in love with someone, you would do anything for that person as well. Love is also something that can guide us along our paths for life.


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