Max Swanson

Spring Resolutions Delay Solutions

The crack of the wiffleball bat had gone too far. The enticing sounds of laughter and plastic striking ball carried far across the field to where I sat attempting to finish my work. Those sounds, coupled with the sweet smell of grass on a warm spring day, were enough to drive anyone away from their work. What is work but an excuse to make one spend long hours of the day computing unnecessary calculations and writing unnecessary poems? As I sit here toying with the idea of dropping my meaningless math homework in place of that smooth yellow wiffleball bat, I hear the crack of the bat and a small white sphere comes hurtling my way. Natural instinct tempts me to reach up to grasp the ball as it streaks towards me but I refrain. I know that this simple action of retrieving a wayward wiffleball will deter me from the final tasks I must complete. The ball rolls slowly away from my view as it enters the woods which I sit near and, after seemingly endless seconds, a friend with a smirk and the ball in his possession bursts through the foliage.
“Come on, join in! You know you want to.” Finally the last wisps of my self-control flutter away from me as I rise to join the game knowing that sooner or later, reality will return and I will be forced to complete those tasks which I left fragmented.


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