Timothy Wiryaman

The Seagull And The Clam

A marauding bandit
Patrols the seashore with nonchalance
He sees a tasty treat lying
Not too far from his spot

This rogue approaches a dull, gray clam
Defenseless, except for its hard shell
But the vagrant is not deterred by it
He knows exactly how to claim this delicacy

He will go up into the air and drop it
Onto the cold, unforgiving rocks
This is not a difficult task
Yet he must make a crucial decision

Which way should he break the shell:
Flying as high as he can and dropping the clam once
Or flying only a short distance a few times?
Either one would break the shell

He chooses the latter to crack the clam’s armor
Because to soar to the top of the sky would
Completely drain his energy so that
The silent breeze would seem a furious gale

Thus this vagabond was able to overcome his prey
With a few short drops
He could have taken off to the limits of Earth
But in the end got the same result



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