Bianca M.

Purple Sea

I’m lying here in my bed with eyes closed,
Drowning in this sea, purple and gold.
My sheets and blankets, they envelop me.
And I drown in the purple and the gold.

The room is pitch black: the deep mist around my sea.
I look around, only to find the stars of blue and red and green.
Shining lights from electronics pierce the mist:
Cell phones and computers make my stars.

My sea keeps me warm from harsh winter mist,
When the heat is not on, or the sun fleets,
And how I love the feeling when the warm purple waves hit,
Crashing over me, and taking me under.

No one will disturb me out here at my sea,
Till morning when I wake to my alarm.
My body will yearn to stay underneath the waves,
But I’ll know I must pull myself free from their grasp.

But just for now I can drown in my sea,
Dreaming sweet dreams only I will know;
And till the mist gives way to the day’s sun,
I’ll lay in peace and sleep here in my sea.


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