Alec Y.

The Warrior

My eager muscles pulsed as I clenched my destructive blade, bracing myself for this epic battle. I watched as the footmen swarmed together like a colony of locusts, devastating a fruitful harvest. I swatted them like the insects they were. One by one, they fell. The roars of my countrymen, the rumble of the crowd, fueled my conquest. From a distance, I saw the distinctive helmet of the general. It was adorned with bold colors that only a bold man would wear. The general left a lifeless trail extending for leagues and leagues behind him. In front of me, my men dropped like dominoes, set up by a playful child. His enormous stature exuded a sense of power and invincibility as it towered over my boyish frame. My hands shook erratically while my feet stood sternly. Finally, after the last of my men fell, his feline eyes met mine. Through his steel helmet, I could see his whisker-like stubble. Even his movement mimicked that of a fierce lion, as he leapt from body to body. The other warriors backed away from the eminent arena. A crowd formed around us, like a beating heart, giving life to a fateful battle. The day of the general’s death had come. I tightened my grip and positioned myself. The sky turned violent red as the sun set. With night speedily approaching, the battle had begun. I fiercely struck the general. His entire body leapt backwards, escaping my blade. I continued with my assaults, though not one scathed his body. It was as if a skillful puppet master controlled the general, moving him back and forth, side-to-side. Finally, I saw an opening, a moment of lapse in the general’s perfect execution. I swung the heavy blade with enough force to crush even diamonds. The frame of the general shattered, creating an endless waterfall of sugar. I took off my blindfold, threw down the bat and rushed to the pool of sweets. The other children cheered for my victory, greedily wrestling for all the candy they could muster. I was their hero! I was their champion! I was their savior!


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