Robin Megill


As I sit down on the comfortable
gel-filled seat, I feel the metallic
Full suspension frame sink down with me as
The shocks compress to adjust to my weight.

I feel my ears and cheeks squeezed by the
Soft padding of the full-face fiberglass
Helmet as if a fluffy cotton pillow
Is taped around my head to comfort me.

With one foot I slowly pedal backwards
To adjust my pedals. I hear the loud
Clicking of the steel chain that is like
An annoying ticking cloak at bedtime.

I place my worn-out hands over the high,
Thick handlebar. As I squeeze the comfortable
Grips, I feel my hard calluses protecting
My knuckles like hard plastic rollerblading pads.

I stand up and push down on one side to
Begin pedaling. The bike thrusts forward
And pulls me along like someone slamming the
Pedal when they are first learning to drive.
As I begin pedaling too fast, I
Notice that my finger automatically
Pulls on the gear shifter like a flawless
Automatic transmission in a new car.

I feel the power and momentum
Of the 40 pound frame as I speed down
The uneven terrain of jagged rocks
And roots as if it is completely flat.

My “big-earl” wheels act as falling
Boulders, stumbling down the steep trail and
Crushing pebbles and small twigs that seem to
Move away as the intruder approaches.

The stylish and ingenious treads on
The brand new tires provide almost perfect
Traction as they grip flawlessly to the
Loose terrain of rocks, gravel, and large roots.

My arms pump the massive double crowned shocks
And I practically float over the hard
Rocky and root-filled terrain that tries to
Bounce me into an awaiting thorn bush.

As I glance down I notice the shiny
Metal rods traveling quickly up and
Down the fork like a sturdy piston in
An intimidating v-8 engine.

I lightly tap on the brakes as I
Approach a rocky ledge. I feel my self
flying in the air in slow motion and
I glance at the landing six feet below me.

I simply ease on the powerful liquid
Hydraulic disc brakes and dust fills the air
As I skid to a stop. I shield myself
From the pebbles and sand floating around me.

When the dust clears, I jump off my bike before
I loose balance. Gazing in awe up at
The trail I just defeated flawlessly,
I grab my bike and begin the long walk up.


Copyright 2002-2007 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2007 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.