Casey M.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Looking at me through his gorgeous eyes,
Batting his stunning white eyelashes.
Nudging my shoulder lovingly with his whisker-lined muzzle,
Gandalf the Gray, my noble steed,
Shows me unconditional love and devotion.
Rubbing his glossy coat with my hand,
I return the feelings of friendship and complete trust.
Trotting around, both working different muscles,
We move as one, graceful and in sync.
As we start to canter,
I feel like I’m a little kid,
Riding an old wooden rocking horse.
My trainer walks into the ring, and sets up a fairly high jump.
Gandalf and I canter around the turn.
I can feel the excitement in his muscles building;
His ears pricked forward.
Keeping an even rhythm, the jump approaches with each stride.
Three, two, one, take off!
We are flying as one, as a team, as an inseparable marriage;
Together, ‘til death do us part.


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