Natalie Ip

Life Of A Root

I am not as beautiful as roses;
I am not as lithe as grasses;
I am not as colorful as rainbows.

I conceal myself under the dirt.
I dare not raise my head to reach the sky.
I always think I am useless to the world,
No one even realizes my existence.

I feel lonely. I feel hopeless.
I fall into a state of melancholy.
I try to harm myself.
I try to prevent from growing.
Now I see my family start to fade away.
The leaves are compelled to turn brown;
The branches are coerced to become thinner and thinner.

I keep on blaming myself,
The sound of nature persuades me,
Lets me understand everything, which exists,
Has its unique value.
This value is insignificant.
This value is not dominant.
This value does not take up your entire life.
But it is indispensable,
It is the essence,
We can't live without it.

This sound guides me to the right path,
And makes me recognize my goal of life.
It encourages me to face the difficulties again and again.
I won't give up easily.
I realize everything has its own notable characteristics.


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