Victor P.

Traveling Through Life

I am from being Multi-cultural.
I am from speaking five languages.
I am from changing schools too much.
I am from knowing Prague by heart.

I am from never seeing my parents together.
I am from hating my brother, then loving him again.
I am from my parent’s divorce.
I am from my grandparent’s death.

I am from finding art boring.
I am from loving music.
I am from learning the piano for eleven years.
I am from having a bad posture at the keys.

I am from dreaming to go to Harvard.
I am from wanting to be a Corporate Lawyer.
I am from waiting for school to end.
I am from stalling on my homework.

I am from driving too fast on the German Autobahn.
I am from jetlag, cancelled flights, and Duty-Free shops.
I am from having taken more flights in my life than my parents put together.
I am from losing my luggage on every one.

I am from France, America, and Slovakia.
I am from having three passports.
I am from bagels on Saturday, and
Pancakes on Sunday.


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