Michelle F.

I Am Me

Iím not what you want me to be
I am me
I can handle myself
I donít need you holding my hand
I can take care of myself
I am me

You can take all of your stuff and leave
Please forget about me
I donít want you here
I live the way I like
Go and start your own life
Stop feeding off of mine

I write to you saying Iím fine
I now am doing better
I have my own band
Weíre rocking out loud
I knew it would work out best
If I never saw you again

I am me
Iím proud of what I have done
Iíve helped people along the way
I know Iíve also hurt some
But as they say
ĎNo pain, no gainí

I believe that there is someone for everyone
Donít say there isnít
I kept thinking that I should be alone
I fell into the darkness and kept falling
Until one day he came to me
ďIíll never let you fall ever againĒ

I may look like a bad person, but Iím good
I swore to myself
I would use what I was given
To help the less fortunate
I love what I have done with my new life
I feel as free as a bird because...

I am me


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