John Clarke

The Clock

Tick… tick… tick… Where does it all go? As we sit it never stops, and we keep going. Time is controlling us, our actions and our path in life, no matter what happens to us, all it winds down to is a race against the clock, a race that cannot be won, no matter how hard you try or how well you do. Wasting time is your own opinion. If you think that something is a waste of time, chances are someone out there is disagreeing with you and is having the time of their life. We watch the clock, we track the hours, the minutes, the seconds until time runs out for us. We know it’s going to happen, yet we track it anyway. We track it because we need to know, people accept that it will run out, yet track it to make sure that we get the fullest out of every second that passes. What you think is the fullest, is empty for someone else. No matter how you think about it we’re working against each other in a hopeless dash for another few minutes. We fight, we kill each other just so when time catches up to us we’ll be in a better place. What about all those that are hurt to get that better place, the bigger house, where were they? The clock ran out, tick… tick … tick.


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