William Huang

A Dream

I had once been in a dream,
In a dark forest, filled with tall trees.
These tall trees dwarfed me like giants,
As they stood, guarding their silent home.

These trees had whispered, flowing with the wind,
Like swimmers, flowing through the water,
They blocked out all else, making it seem -
A separate world, a silent world.

In this place, the trees reigned supreme,
But there were other inhabitants. Bushes,
Cold snow, and the voice of the wind;
They all shared this home with the trees.

This haunt gave me a safe haven from the world,
Where I had been suffering outside.
No longer would I have to endure my hectic life,
With this peaceful place to call my own.

In this place, where night reigned supreme,
I found peace within myself.
But in the end, I had to leave,
For such a dream could not last.


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