Lorna Chaulet


You're born into this world
No hopes, no dreams, just expectations
Expectations that lurk deep inside you, tucked away in the deepest corners of your soul and unravel themselves to greet you in the worst of situations.
But tonight, you're drowning them.
Born into a world where a good blaze and a cheap kiss are all the romance envisioned.

A world where drugs are decrepit, glasses are tall, and where love is weak.
Where words are unsubstantial and concocted, where "I love you" repeats so frequently that it is no longer believable. One night a girl by the name of Charlatan resides on your lap, a complete stranger, kissing your neck leaving traces of rouge lipstick spelling out secrets you know she could never keep.

Painted on faces initiate young girls into life, resembling more a masquerade ball than something beautiful; a beauty contest where only the pretty survive. A mask, a continuous facade you daren't take off, hides your true being. For it is better for the durable plastic to pain than your porcelain heart to crumble and shatter; leaving you alone and vulnerable. Beauty is fraudulent and without it, only the beast of humanity resides in the world.

But nothing can change, things are the way they are regardless of how badly you want to change it. So live fast, love passionately, and have no regrets because it's life and no one gets out alive anyways.


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