Sean S.

My Summer

On our own private island, in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, is where my family and I go every summer. The island is only about eight miles around the perimeter, and there are only about one hundred houses on it, but that is not what makes it fun. It’s fun because of the people you are there with and the things you can do there.

One thing to do is to go to the beach; the beach is amazing, there are no rocks at all, and the water is as clear as can be. At the beach we do all sorts of things like play catch in the water and football in the sand. One time over July fourth weekend we played tackle football on the beach with all of my cousins and my friend, Nick. Nick and I were captains, as usual; because we are the oldest. I wanted to win so badly because he’s two years older than me and he usually wins. It was now getting dark and it was the last play of the game, Nick’s team was up three points, I said, “Hike,” I had the ball, I looked for someone to pass to but no one was open. I tossed the ball to my six year old brother and ran up the field to block for him. I frantically pushed people out of the way until he crossed the line; we won the game.

We also look under the big rocks on the shoreline right off the beach for crabs, and we see who can find the biggest crab. Also, we go to the park. At the park there is a basketball court, a tennis court, and a big grassy field. Sometimes we’ll spend the whole day on the field playing baseball with a tennis ball and whiffle ball bat. We’ll have home run derbies for hours. If the ball goes into the tennis courts or on the mulch of the playground, it is a homerun.

Since the island is private, we are allowed to have golf carts, so almost everyone on the island has a golf cart. Our golf cart is great; it has two seats in front and two in back facing backwards, though sometimes we pile six or seven people on it. It’s all white and it has a basket in front to carry things, which got crushed when we bumped into a tree. It is much easier to get around on the golf cart, rather than having to drive, and we can drive them at any age, so the kids can just get on and drive to the park.

Also, some nights we go to a place just off the island called Adventure Isle; it has tons of things to do like go carts, bumper cars, bumper boats, a giant slide and a lot of free arcade games. The island is like my own little getaway, I have all of the freedom in the world, and I don’t have to worry about a thing.


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