Steven Feifke


(SHE IS) G: Good at helping me with my English homework. This is because in school, English was always her strong subject. Also, we help each other with anything the other one needs.

A: Amazingly dedicated to anything she puts her mind to. An example of this is her condition right now. She has a breathing problem and therefore has an oxygen tank in her room. However, she is constantly trying to convince doctors to let her come and see our family in America. The doctors have also told her that if she didn’t have such a strong mind, then she wouldn’t be here today.

(IT) B: Bothers me that I don’t see her and my other family in South Africa often enough. I can’t bear the fact that one day I might wake up and not have any grandparents left... not only my maternal grandmother, but my paternal grandparents, too.

B: Because I never met my grandfather on my Mom’s side, she is the greatest grandparent on my Mom’s side. This is not to say that I don’t love my grandparents on my Dad’s side, but it is just in a very different way.

A: Although I don’t see her often, we share a very special bond. I can’t explain it, but whenever I’m with her, I feel at home. She can tell me anything, and I can tell her anything…that’s just the beginning. We have complete trust in each other and that is the basis for our relationship. I also think that because we live so far apart, it has strengthened our relationship.


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