Benjamin Kinet

Endless Shots

Born from loud noises, fire and darkness
I am picked up to cool down on a flat surface.
When I am cold, solid and ready
They throw me into a machine that sharpens and forms me.
Then I am dropped carelessly into a wooden crater
With thousands of my brothers and sisters.
Later, I travel around the world to unknown destinations
Upon arriving, they trade my family and me for fortunes.
My new owners take to a place full of shouts and cries
And when I finally see the gray skies,
I donít have time to admire my surroundings.
I am picked up, followed by my siblings
And thrown into the mouth of my best friend.
I have soon served my lifeís purpose
As my comrade projects me out of his bodyís surface.
I have little time to think as I bury myself in the humanís head.
I die as I take the life of a man I killed
Without knowing who he was or what he did.

Many others of my kind will have this same fate,
For billions of years we will follow this destiny.


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