Yui K.

Glowing Marble Floating in the Sky

A little girl was lying in the grass
She had opened her eyes and looked at the sky
Her body felt as if it were transparent, as the cool wind went past her.
The grass felt cold as she lay on the ground
And she looked up at the sky, listening to the birds singing,
And watching them fly in circles
She found a glowing marble floating in the sky.
“Sun,” they call it.

Then she thought:
Birds, squirrels, flowers, and bugs
In the midst of a world where everything seems so different,
The sun stays the same for everyone on Earth
It smiles down on everyone with warmth,
and hugs us gently and softly.

She thought again:
That light in the sky knows no race
That warmth knows no language

She looked up again and decided
That when she grew up, she wanted to be like that glowing marble floating in the sky
She would smile at everyone and make everyone happy.

Now I look back and feel the power of a child.
If everyone were able to tap into the power of a child,
See life like a child sees life,
And grasp the little thing called innocence, hidden deep inside their heart,
There would be no war,
No more blood to be shed

I look at the sun again today, and smile at it with my biggest smile
Maybe somewhere else on earth,
Someone is thinking the same thoughts I marveled as a little girl


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